Welcome to join the domain membe

Horizon Resort & Spa "Horizon regulars member", can transfer domain m! You come to live, house prices 10% off! Relatives and friends live, 5% off!Recommended friends to stay in, the domain of the room, can be replaced by the housing, can be offset by the cash store consumption.

How to become a member of Tianyu Hotel

Horizon hotel guest can where to stay free of charge through the hotel's front desk, Horizon Hotel Official micro channel to apply to become an honorary member of the horizon;

Members may enjoy preferential privileges

1, the member can enjoy the stay booking network of direct sales price 10% off discount;

2, members recommended by the member of the name and the number of mobile phone number, can enjoy the network direct price 5% off discount;

3, members of the special incentives: Friends of the successful Check Inn Hotel can be obtained non suite 30 domain M / Room / night, suite 50;

Membership integral (domain m) using rules

1, members of the integral called domain, 1 yuan =1 yuan;

2, the domain is not a cash value, the domain of the consumer does not issue invoices and can not be used in exchange for cash;

3, the domain meter integral limit member I in the hotel housing, dining, entertainment consumption, can not be transferred to others;

4, domain m integral exchange shop goods must include service charges, special goods or non self involved in exchange;

5, members through the booking department, micro channel, the official Taobao shop booking room can enjoy discounts and domain m;

Membership Upgrade clause

Honorary members: in the Horizon hotel can apply for an honorary member;

VIP membership: honorary membership spending reached 30000 yuan, automatic upgrade to the VIP member;

Supreme member: the consumption amount of the VIP membership reached 50000 yuan, automatic upgrade to the Supreme member;

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Horizon Hotel commitment does not leak member of any valid identity information, in without the consent of the consent of the member when not to any third party revealed that legal proceedings except);

The final interpretation of the above terms of the Horizon Resort & Spa;