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A signature Massage of Lanikai Spa, combination of four kinds of massage techniques, such as: Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi, Swedish, Balinese, Japanese shiatsu, especially for those who seek a complete relaxation and the right choice of our house-blend aromatherapy massage oils will enhance the benefit of the treatment.

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Marine mineral's precious gift, and the body temperature the same warm embrace, 173 nozzle of the full range of massage, in Sanya Tianyu Thalassotonic pool -- you deserve good pamper yourself.

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Pool the Thalassotonic in horizon II Lanikai spa and Thalasso comes from the Greek language and means sea. Tonic is physical and health benefits. Useful minerals in the sea are helpful to alleviate some diseases and improve health, and in high concentrations of salt water to help relieve muscle, bone and skin diseases. The pool of water heated to 37 degrees, with the same body temperature, can make the human body to open, more conducive to the absorption of beneficial substances. The water is too cold in winter, Thalassotonic Pool allows you to stretch the body in the warm embrace of hot water.

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Thalassotonic pool not just hot water, more 173 different direction and height of the nozzle to you for a full range of massage, let you stiff shoulder, thigh fat to relax, can effectively alleviate the pressure of work, the elimination of fatigue, also can help blood circulation, lose weight.

So in Europe and the United States, hot water massage pool prepared by the love, holiday season, people queuing time limit admission, in Bali Island SPA hot sea water massage has been widely used. Tianyu France introduced advanced technology, is currently China's only outdoor seawater heating massage pool, the water is the sea water pump from Yalong Bay underwater extraction directly into seawater spa storage tank, the loop filter and ozone disinfection treatment after sent to massage pool. Let you experience this noble and enjoy in Sanya.