Tianyu vacation CARDS

Tianyu  vacation CARDS( RMB 90000 yuan), Lock your 30 years the rights of vacation!

Horizon Resort & Spa Vacation Membership Card (hereinafter referred to as Vacation Card) is launched by Horizon Resort & Spa Group. It is priced RMB 90,000 Yuan, with a valid period of 30 years. Within 30 years since the day you owns this card, you’ll have the right to stay in any hotel under Horizon Resort & Spa Group for a certain numbers of days. You can arrange your room types freely according to your own preference and needs in different periods of the whole year. The Vacation Card can be used either by yourself or by others authorized. The valid period is so long that you can enjoy a happy time with your family after the busy work. All you have with this Card are brand new, free, honored and comfortable vacation enjoyment.

Take Area II Deluxe Mountain-View Room for sample:

With Vacation Card, you can enjoy the lowest price of RMB 390/night, while reservation price for ordinary guests is RMB 1500/night;

Vacation Card member can also enjoy:

1. 10% discount for any consumption in the hotel; 

2. 12% discount of network reservation center price for other reservation needs; 


How to use the Vacation Card?

1. Each year, the Vacation Card has 100 points for consumption. You can apply to the Member Center for reservation according to the hotel’s Room Type and Time Point Table. You can reserve one or more rooms at a time, but you have to use up the 100 points in at most two times a year. 

2. Each year’s points must be used up in the current year; except the first year when you buy this card, each year’s remaining points can not be continuously used in the next year, but the next year’s points can be used in advance. 

3. The Vacation Card must be used in this hotel in the first year, and can be used in other Horizon Resort & Spa member hotels since the second year (at present: Sanya Horizon Resort & Spa and Changbai Mountain Horizon Resort & Spa). 

4. The Vacation Card is not limited to personal use, parents, children, relatives and friends all can use this card, but the room reserved by using this card is not allowed to be sold as a commodity. 

Horizon Resort & Spa reserves the right of final explanation.

Consult the Vacation Card Sale Center for more details.

Consultancy center address: opposite Area I Business Center of Sanya Horizon Resort & Spa

Consultancy special line: 0898-88567888 turn 6999/6533