Boat House Li seafood restaurant

Yalong Bay is the only one from the sea recently hydrophilic restaurant, like the thatched roof of a inverted ship, the whole building full of rich style of Li nationality, it is refreshing. Based on the South China Sea seafood, fishing fried cate, especially with endemic to Hainan seafood at roadside food stalls, the reduction of the a rich local customs and authentic Hainan characteristics, but also maintain the five-star environment and service. 

船形屋海鲜餐厅Hainan Hut-Sea food Restaurant1---三亚天域度假酒店Horizon Resort & Spa- (2) 拷贝.jpg

Under the unique boat shaped house style, you can enjoy the beauty of the beach, experience the mystery of the Li family style, taste of the South China Sea fresh seafood, crab paste fertilizer. Music does not think of returning home.