Cute Baby Adventure trip

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The popular star parent-child program Dad Came Back chooses Horizon Resort & Spa as the resort hotel for star parent and child.  
The cute babies Olivia and Tianxin come, and so do star dads Li Xiaopeng and Jia Nailiang.
Let’s enjoy ourselves at Horizon Resort & Spa following the star parents and children:
Choose the same packages of meals, lodging and playing as theirs,
Own the same toys as those of Olivia and Tianxin,
Join in the joyful sports meeting as they play,
Eat Olivia’s favorite Italian ice cream,
Take photos with alpacas and peacocks in the zoo of Horizon Resort & Spa,
Know more than 300 tropical plants in the gardens,
Play on the soft sands and water park as much as you like ... 
In Horizon Resort & Spa, every child is a star.

I. Package details
Deluxe Mountain View Room, 3 days and 2 nights
Deluxe Mountain View Room, 4 days and 3 nights
Deluxe Mountain View Room, 5 days and 4 nights

1. Everyday Chinese and western buffet breakfast
2. One time of ice cream (1 ball-shaped ice cream for each one)
3. One time of costal Fisherman Hot Pot Seafood Buffet Dinner (only for guests checking in between June 20 and July 17) 

4. One time of crossing through jungle
5. One time of parent-child sports meeting (beach soccer, water shoot, beach running race), having to reserve ahead
6. Get 1 welcoming gift (sea turtle);
7. Hire 1 swim ring or big turtle, etc. cartoon floating floor, free of charge;
8. Go to the zoo and botanic garden, free of charge; 
9. Play in the children’s water park, free of charge;
10. Hire beach toys, etc., free of charge

Preferential enjoyment 
11. Reserve another “Dad came back” dining -- Fisherman Hot Pot Seafood Buffet Dinner, you’ll enjoy 30% discount, i.e. RMB 228/person (original price RMB 328/person);
12. You can enjoy the following preferential items:  
10% discount for motorboat (standard price: RMB 200/person/10 minutes, price with discount: RMB 180/person/10 minutes);
20% discount for glass-window sightseeing boat (standard price: RMB 200/person/20 minutes, price with discount: RMB 160/person/20 minutes);
30% discount for water dragging parachute (standard price: RMB 380/person/10 minutes, price with discount: RMB 266/person/10 minutes);

II. Matters needing attention 
1. The above package is only for two adults and one 12-below child; exceeding ones have to pay according to the hotel’s normal charge standard.
2. The welcoming gift will be given when you are checking in, and corresponding usage ticket for other package items will also be given during the checking in.
3. Parent-child sport meeting holding time: everyday 16:30-18:00, having to be reserved ahead, reservation phone: 6914; after reservation, gather at the Area I swimming bar at 16:00.
4. If you want to change another room type, you can pay for the price difference according to the market price.
5. The above price includes 15% service charge, but not include RMB 11/night/person government price regulation fund.
6. If any item in the package is not used, the money will not be returned, and this package can not be used with other preferential policies at the same time.
7. Horizon Resort & Spa reserves the right of price regulation and the right of final explanation.