Nanshan tourist attractions

An unusual ultra-large cultural and ecological tourism park, a large-scale Nanshan Temple, the same style as in flourishing Tang Dynasty, sitting in the mountain and facing the sea, architecturally magnificent, it is the largest Buddhist temple among the newly-built ones during the past fifty years, and the largest temple in the southern part of China.

Address: Nanshan Cultural Tourism Area, Sanya City, Hainan Province;
Contact number: 0898-88837946;

Distance (from the hotel): 72 km
Reference taxi fare: RMB 170 (only for reference, depending on the actual fare)
Bus route: (wait outside Horizon Resort & Spa Area I and Area II lobby, no need to cross the road, no bus station) take No.25 bus directly to Nanshan Temple stop;
Recommended staying time: 1-2 h
Strategy: There is rare coast sandbank inside the Nanshan Buddhist Culture Park; original tamarind forest rooted in this 7km-long sandbank is another wonder in the world.