Dely bakery,fresh and affordable

Tell you a tasty good news, the Dely Bakery of Horizon Bakery is opened! It is located on the side of lobby, with the business time of 7:00-22:00, and welcome everyone to join in it!


The guests often said that the food and shopping in Yalong Bay are not convenient enough. Horizon has ten restaurants with different styles which can meet all needs of you and your families. However, it is for vacation, the working and rest time is loose, if you miss the breakfast or you want to eat in the midnight suddenly, the bakery can meet your needs! In addition to the fresh bread made by the hotel chef here, there are also cakes, drinks, snacks, fruit, etc. for supply, and the price is affordable. The specialty fruit in Hainan is cheaper than Baihua Valley, even you may buy it to give your relatives and friends.


The protagonist of Bakery grandly in the following is the fresh-baked bread, all languages are superfluous, and you can see the pictures directly!


 If you hungry suddenly? What are you waiting, Dely Bakery will wait for you!