The laundry bar

How will you wash your clothes in travel?

Did you wash in the washbasin, and then hang on the towel rack, faucet, even table lamp, back of a chair? Or did you put your dirty clothes in your luggage and then wash after arriving at home?

You are on vacation, but will your beautiful clothes are suffering?

Oh, NO! Now, the washing problem is not trouble when you go to Horizon for vacation! Horizon opens a self-service laundry bar in the first district to make you wash your clothes easily and enjoy your vacation fully!

The laundry bar is on the side of sales center of vacation card in the first district, the daily business time is from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am, and it provides 5 washing machines and 5 dryers. The guests may take the clothes to the laundry bar for self-service laundry under the guidance of staff! Set the procedure and put the liquid detergent in it, OK, you may have a rest! If you want to go out for shopping or go upstairs to rest during the laundry period, it is ok, you should only register the room number, number of clothes and telephone, and the staff will inform you to take your washed clothes 15 minutes before completing washing clothes.

In addition, the suite and family room in the second district of Horizon Resort Hotel are equipped with the washing machine which is welcomed by the guests. For this time, set the self-service laundry bar in the first district to hope to make more guests enjoy the convenient and affordable laundry service.

You also may implement self-drying and ironing in the laundry bar. Sanya is located in the seaside with humid climate, the dryer may solve the problem that the cloth is drying slowly. Of course, you also take your washed clothes to your room, and Horizon provides the drying rack on the balcony to make your beautiful clothes to enjoy a sunbath.