Ten Sanya dishes do not missed

Go to Sanya, the only one that has no match for the sea and the beach? Go to Sanya, your dining table only seafood? Most of the time is boiled?

Do you know what are the Sanya people love the "Sanya ten famous"? What have you eaten? A tract have never eaten a pro. I'm sorry we expressed regret, but you can begin to arrange your trip to Sanya, the, in addition to the sea and the beach, food in Sanya is essential.

Gratifying is that in "Tianyu Food Festival", you can to taste "Sanya ten big famous cuisine" over and over, taste a fresh slightly to pack up ready to saliva, and we are the first to feast our eyes! "Sanya ten famous dishes."!

Garlic steamed Hainan abalone

In Sanya, South China Sea, fresh abalone, beautiful color, pure taste, delicious, succulent compact, large need only a single reached 3 double, is preferred in the heavy seafood nourishing.

DanJia salted pork soup

DanJia fishermen year-round living in the sea, catch good fish, put it in the ship's deck. Drying, under the interaction of the sea breeze and the sea sun, to produce without any artificial additives, succulent tight chewy salted fish dry. DanJia fish, fish flavored pork in the pot, rich, it is delicious.

Egophony acid soup

All kinds of ingredients from Sanya offshore fish, supplemented by Sanya bean leaves and fruit acid, acid carambola, tomatoes, pickled bamboo shoots etc.. Fresh and delicious fish soup, moderate acidity, food appetites.

Areca flower chicken

Nut trees under the custody of chicken chicken, areca the blossom on the flower, two meet, create a Sanya characteristics of diet, soup salty taste, chicken tender soft sweet, eat the delicious food also raise a stomach, it is worth a eat food.

Crispy Fujihashi ribs

With the ribs local pig farm soil autotrophic Fujihashi, with Jiang Suanzhi, honey and other material marinated, then simmered until cooked fried. The finished color golden, Gan fragrant, fresh and salty, sweet entrance outside the coke tender inside, the appearance and taste are excellent.

Braised pig feet, bright five

Liang Ya in remote mountainous areas of Sanya, the local specialty little pig physique and detailed compact, small head and long, ears small and erect, sharp tongued, so it is also known as the five legged pig image. The meat tender and sweet, soft and brittle bones, can even flesh chewed off the belly is white or braised, practice.

With an amusement luminous.

From an offshore tour, fresh and delicious. Even a shell with pepper stir, Luo meat again with a crisp tenacity, very chewy. There are boiled practices, retained the natural snail meat is delicious, even foreigners can also get goods inside the "sweet".

Sanya seafood hot pot

From Sanya local seafood, shrimp, crab, snail, shellfish, fish all have everything that one expects to find, good. Bottom only ginger, garlic and other seasonings, designed to retain authentic, especially prominent seafood unique sweet and nutrition, supplemented by various secret sauce, especially delicious.

Sanya white goose farm (litchi ditch goose)

Litchi ditch litchi. But there is a goose. Thin skin tender, eat fat but not greasy, goose is not only delicious taste and rich nutrition, low fat content, unsaturated fatty acid content is high, on human health is very favorable.

Nanshan vegetarian fish

Set the temple Suzhai the essence, financial Court (fasting and folk Su Zhai style, and is satisfied that North and South local flavor in one, using modern cooking skills, formed the unique diet culture of Nanshan, Hainan Province has been designated as "state guest reception.

Recognize a city, mostly from the visual, tactile start. The lovely miss even a city, but may be just because of a Food. If you want to take or persuade you to love the people in Sanya, this article first to lure him / her!