Horizon Resort & Spa, Sanya

Horizon Resort & Spa, Sanya, located on Yalong Bay, known as “the FirstBay in All Land” with an area of about 130,000 square meters, is a “giant hotel” among the first class sea view hotels inChina


Horizon Resort & Spa occupies the most excellent location of sea view on Yalong Bay, one of the few five-star hotels with private beach. The central area of the hotel is the most famous "Domain garden" which has around everywhere more than 1000 rare tropical plants, coconut, and palm tree forest, umbrella tail kwai, bougainvillea, manjusri each one of which is more beautiful than another. Apart from the unique nature bestowed landscape, Horizon Resort & Spa also integrates its buildings with the beauty of garden perfectly, which was designed by an American famous designer who created a strong flavor tropical style.

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The hotel has more than 1000 guestrooms and a super terraces facing the bay where you can overlook the beautiful view of Yalong Bay, all the floors made of teak, walk-in closets, double sinks, wide-body bathtubs, multi-media computers and free wifi……the whole details mentioned above in the guestrooms create a comfortable holiday experience for you. There are suites and family rooms equipped with kitchen, kitchenware, washing machine, which  can meet the holiday needs of the family.

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Horizon Resort & Spa has over 10 restaurants serving famous China cuisines of local Hainan dishes, Beijing dishes, Sichuan dishes, Northeast dishes and Southeast Asian dishes including booze by the sea, barbecue in the gardens, which can satisfy your perfect imagination of gourmet and beautiful scenery.

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Horizon Resort & Spa has six waters, where water slides, pools of annular, warm pools are popular among the children. There is even “Cute Pet Paradise”, "Domain garden", kids club, daily children theme activity, and the sport meeting for parents and children and complete supporting facilities for children, making Horizon Resort & Spa, Sanya the most popular resort hotel for parents and children.